Refrigeration tools
Refrigeration tools

To repair the refrigerator, freezer, Air conditioner we need high-quality Refrigeration tools. As these applications are very costly we need proper tools to repair.  Rishabh Enterprises is the leading dealer for supplying for Refrigeration tools. There are many Refrigeration tools available in our stores, which are listed below

Refrigeration tools
Refrigeration controllers

Refrigeration controllers:

It is used to control the temperature of freezer or refrigerators, There are different types of controller available in our store, some are an indicator and some are controllers. The controller manages power consumption, maintaining temperature and Ethylene CO2 Sensor to detect the gas leak.

Refrigeration Vacuum Pump:

We supply top quality two-stage impeller vacuum pump. Refrigeration Vacuum Pump is used to fill or remove process vapours from a condenser.

Tube Cutter:

We offer high strength and well-built tube cutter which is highly used in Air conditioner and refrigerator for cutting copper pipe properly.

Air Velocity Meters:

It is used to measure the velocity, speed and pressure of air. We supply well built robust construction Air Velocity Meters for the reasonable price.

Capacitor Testers:

It is testing equipment which is used to measure capacitance and detect leakage in the circuit.


This includes spanner, screwdriver, tube bender, Refrigerant Charging Hose and so on.

Rishabh Enterprises is the well-known dealer for supplying all type of refrigeration spares parts for more than 25 years in Chennai. We supply Refrigeration tools to both commercial and residential purpose. With a trusted customer base, we successfully run our business in Coimbatore, Madurai and Colombo.

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