Axial fan
Axial fan

Axial fan makes an air to flow in an axial direction, which is parallel to the blade rotates. The flow of air is axial at entry and exit. The axial fan creates the large volume of airflow with low pressure. Its blade working principle is similar to the aircraft wing create lift. Performance of Axial fan can be determined by a number of blades and its shape. Generally, an axial fan has fewer blades than ducted fans and have larger in radius and lower in speed than ducted fans at similar power.

Axial Fan
Exhaust fans

Axial fan required very low power input and it is highly adapted for general purpose applications like computer cooler, car engine cooler and cooling large working space. Standard AC Axial fan model not required more than 100 watts when it runs on high speed. We can also connect AC Axial Fan directly to a DC Power source so we can use it in solar panels or batteries for coolant.

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