The scroll compressor is a device used to compress air and refrigerant. It is a uniquely designed compressor that works in circular motion. Reversible operation of Scroll compressor is known as scroll expander and it can be used in the expansion of fluid and air or gas compressor. A scroll compressor is more prominent for use in HVAC system because they are more reliable and efficient than reciprocating types.

Advantages of scroll compressors

Energy Saving

A heat pump and air conditioner which include Scroll compressor can save energy and generate less utility bill, Because it produces air 10 to 15 degrees higher than the standard compressor. A smaller Scroll compressor can produce an equal amount of hot or cool air when compared to the standard compressor.


When compared to other types of compressor scroll compressors don’t have any moving parts, so the possibility of failure is very less. They have the longer life. If you forget to replace air filter, dust and other pollution it won’t defect.

Quiet Operation

Scroll compressors have less movable parts; they are very quieter than other heater or air conditioners. They produce less vibration because they don’t have noisy valves. You can sleep or watch TV or talk to your friend without any disturbance.

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