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An Axial fan is a type of fan that forces the air to flow through it in an axial direction and force air out in the same direction. The axial fan generates an airflow with the high flow rate which means Axial fan produce a large quantity of airflow. The performance of the fan is depending upon a number of blades and its shape.  Basically, Axial Fan generates high pressure and low volume airflow, they are highly suitable for general purpose applications.

Axial fan required minimum power to operate. It consumes power not more than 100 watts when at high speed. AC Axial Fan can be connected directly to DC Power Source like solar panels and batteries. An Axial fan can be used in much application for cooling Process. It is used in the vendor machine. AC Axial fans are the best choice for cooling overheating components.

The advantage of an axial fan

It is used for the paint spray booth exhaust

It is used to exhaust dangerous fumes away from the operation

It is used for cooling a process of machinery system.

It is used to cool people in hot working areas

Rishabh enterprises supply three types of axial fan

  • AC Axial Fan with plastic blades
  • Exhaust Fan
  • RE Make Commercial Axial Fan

We supply high Quality with industrial standard Axial Fan. We can supply compact fan to large equipment AC Axial Fan. Our Axial fan is highly durable and with stand-in extreme condition.